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My Best LG G Flex Cases

If you are planning to buy LG G Flex or have recently purchased one, it is vital to consider getting a protective case that will protect it from damage when it falls or drops. There are numerous benefits linked with LG G Flex cases and covers, and when used properly on your phone, these accessories

The Best Nexus 5 Case

LG Nexus 5 is finally out, and it’s has gone out of stock in just two days, so you can imagine the high demand this device is receiving. If you are here looking for the best Nexus 5 case to grab for your lovely gadget, you’ve come to the right place. I am a big

Android Jelly Bean Features

Full review of the new Android Jelly Bean Features supported with videos

Create Mobile App With No Programming

  The mobile app market has been growing in a steady pace to an extent that make it very essential for brands, publisher and organisation to build thier own app. Creating an app for iPhone or Android requires solid knowledge of programming language, however, here’s the good news, you can actually create an app with

Bluestack is Here

  BlueStacks guys have released the alpha version of  BlueStacks App Player for Windows and they will be releasing BlueStacks App Player Pro (alpha) very soon. BlueStacks allow users to choose between installing Android app directly to their Windows desktop or alternatively, having the full-blown Android environment where they can instantly switch to Windows environment with one click, which eliminate the need