How To Make Cheap International and Local Calls


I have done a budget planner recently, and found that I spend to much in making making either locally or internationally. I was wasting my money calling 0845 and 0800 from my mobile phone as well as wasting a fortune on calling abroad. However, the good news that I now save more than £50/month in calls in general. how? well I’ll tell you how to make cheap international calls using Localphone.

How to save money calling Intenational Numbers

I have tried so many methods to reduce my phone bills and make cheap international calls and I can say that I finally found my way. Localphone is the ultimate solution if you want to save money calling abroad, call charges start from as little as 0.4p to USA, 0.8 to Australia and 1p to India. All you need is to register to Localphone website, top up and then choose your prefered method of caling. You can call from your landline, or alternativly download their PC app, Android or iPhone app.

How to save money calling 0800 Numbers

By using LocalPhone app on your mobile. you can call 0800 numbers for free. The idea behind Localphone is that you get a Local number for every contact you add in the app, so you’ll pay locally to call internationally. The total charge for typical call would be (charge to call local number+localphone charge). As Local number should be included in any free minutes included in your contract, and as 0800 numbers can be dialled for free from landlines, as result, you can actually call 0800 completely for free.

 How to save money calling 0845/0870 Numbers

The trick here, is to get an alternative number for 0845 and 0870 numbers. One way to do that, is to go to SayNoTo0870 website, type in the number or company name, and you’ll get alternative numbers to call for free.


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