The Best Nexus 5 Case

nexus 5 caseLG Nexus 5 is finally out, and it’s has gone out of stock in just two days, so you can imagine the high demand this device is receiving. If you are here looking for the best Nexus 5 case to grab for your lovely gadget, you’ve come to the right place.

I am a big fan of Nexus phones since the early days, and I developed this love love through the recent release specially the Galaxy Nexus one. One thing I noticed about the Nexus family build is that they are very prone to crack and damage due to its flat design. Therefore, it’s vital that you get the best Nexus 5 case for your phone as soon as you can to protect it from dust, scratches and impacts.

In this post, I have collected (what I believe) the best Nexus 5 cases from around the web, saving you time and effort jumping from site to site hunting for a case for Nexus 5, and the good thing is, I’ll be updating this post as soon as new case comes out.

Without further ado, let’s start our top pick for the best LG Nexus 5 cases.

 #1 Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Nexus 5

spigen neo hybrid case for nexus 5

Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Nexus 5

This case is one of my favourite case for all time, that’s why I started with it. Spigen is well known name in the phone accessories world, as it has been there for a while now and have solid fan base. The Neo Hybrid case features a Polycarbonat and TPU combination to provide the ultimate solution for drop and shock resistance. The case has also sports a metalized polycoarbonate control buttons cover for a stylish look as well we extra protection against dust and smudge. What I liked the most is the precise cut out around the button, headphones jack and the charging port. I would like also to mention that Spigen do manufacture other interesting case model for the LG Nexus 5 such as Nexus 5 Slim Armor, Nexus 5 Ultra Fit and Nexus 5 Ultra Hybrid. The Neo Hybrid is on offer at the moment of 20% on Amazon.

#2 Nexus 5 Wallet Case from Abacus24-7

nexus 5 wallet case

Nexus 5 Wallet case

There are many Nexus 5 Wallet cases out there, but his is by far the best Nexus 5 wallet case in my opinion. It’s called the pocketBook and as the name suggest, this case provide a room for your credit and ID cards as well as some cash. This wallet case for Nexus 5 look stylish and fashionable, and it perfectly fits the handsome device. The beautiful look does not compromise the protection what so ever, as it feature =two layer of protection : an internal shell and an outer made of Synthetic leather. The case has little invisible magnet piece to secure the phone and ensures device safety. What’s interesting, the case comes with a secure RFID blocking sleeve fro your credit card that is approved by the US government. The case is available in different colours such as Black, Red, Green and is on sale for less than $7 on Amazon.

#3 Leather Nexus 5 Case

leather tpu case for nexus 5

Leather Nexus 5 TPU Case

The premium Matte PU leather of this case adds a luxurious and stylish look that definitely will attract the attention once you spot it. This case is compatible with all nexus 5 version regardless of the network carrier, and it does fits perfectly on all of them. The precise cut-out is amazing providing an easy access to all buttons, port, camera and speakers. The case looks beautiful yet sturdy and durable and can protect your nexus 5 from virtually all kind of impacts such as drops, scratches and scuffs. This Nexus 5 case is manufactured in South Korea by Caseology and they have been providing high quality products for years, so, you have  a piece of mind dealing with them. The Leather Nexus 5 case comes in Black, Brown, Navy, Rose and White and is available on Amazon for $6.

#4 i-Blason Hybrid TPU Case for Nexus 5

nexus 5 tpu case

Nexus 5 TPU Case from i-Blason

The i-Blason TPU case is one of the most popular case for all Nexus generations, and it really deserve that. What I like the most, that it has a raised round edges to protect the phone screen even when it facing down. The back of the case is clear to show off the premium design of the phone and make the Nexus logo visible. The case features anti-slip side bumper to provide more grip for the Nexus 5 on your hand as well as other surfaces. Additionally, the installation of the case is extremely easy, just slip it in the case, and be assured that the phone will stay in securely. To add extra piece of mind, i-Blason offer one year warranty of the case in case something goes wrong. The case is extremely affordable and available in different colours, so head over Amazon and choose you favourite one.

#5 Nexus 5 Case with kickstand

nexus 5 kickstand case

Nexus 5 Kickstand Case

Maxboost just announced its durable belt clip case with kickstand , so if you looking for a the best Nexus 5 Case with a kickstand, this case is for you.  The case is very sturdy so it’s perfect for active life style specially with the hostler/belt clip which makes it very easy to carry around. The case features dual layer protection, with an inner soft case and a hard-shell outer to provide the optimum all-around protection. The kickstand feature will allow you to watch your favourite videos in an amazing landscape mode hands free. If you think the kickstand will make the case bulky, you can easily removed while keeping your phone safe in the protective case. The case is only available on black and is sold for less than $8 on Amazon.

#6 Matte TPU Case for Nexus 5 from Diztronic

nexus 5 matte tpu case

Nexus 5 Matte TPU Case

Diztronic has recently released their flexible TPU case for Nexus 5 that is ultra thin and very lightweight at just less than 3/4 of ounce and only 1.44 thick. The Matte back ensures that no fingerprint will stick in your phone case especially with the high gloss frames the whole screen. Again, this case has the raised edge features to help protect the display in case you dropped the phone with the screen facing down. The case is very durable and rugged, and it can protect your phone from drop, accidents and dust, making it one of the best Nexus 5 cases. All previous Diztronic cases have received substantial good reviews on Amazon, so you expect the same with this one as well. The case is available in 5 colours and sold for less than $10 on Amazon.

#7 Spigen Air Cushion Case for Nexus 5

Nexus 5 Air Cushion Case

tpu case for nexus 5

This very special Nexus 5 case has beautiful and unique design, offering dual protection using combination of TPU and Polycarbonate. The case features brilliant drop protection thanks to the Air Cushion technology which ensures the phone corners are not affected by drops as the case absorbs and disperses the force through the TPU; making it my favourite and best Nexus 5 case in terms of protection. Personally, I think this case provide the ultimate protection you dreamed of, starting from the raising lip to protect the screen when it is faced down, to the large redesigned button covers that protect them against smudge and dust. Design wise, this case stands out in many ways. First, it has got clear crystal back to show off the beautiful back of the nexus 5 while fully protecting it. Also, you get 2 fee graphics back skin to add a stylish touch to the case. The case is available in two colours and is on sale for an affordable price of just less than $10 on Amazon.

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