My Best LG G Flex Cases

If you are planning to buy LG G Flex or have recently purchased one, it is vital to consider getting a protective case that will protect it from damage when it falls or drops. There are numerous benefits linked with LG G Flex cases and covers, and when used properly on your phone, these accessories can offer great protection against damage as well as making the phone look more stylish. However, obviously, the foremost benefit is that your mobile phone will achieve substantial protection in case it falls off a ledge or accidentally drops on the ground.

The cases are internally made with impact-resistant foam to assist in reducing impact of such a fall. This minimizes the chances of your phone getting crucial damage inside. Apart from protection, these cases and covers enhance style and flare. All of them are stylish and are available in different variety of colors and designs. Choosing LG G Flex accessories for your phone will give it a more stylish look and set it apart from other mobile phones.

For your LG G flex to survive for decades you will need to search for the best LG G flex cases available in the market. I have the hard job by providing you with the following cases and covers that can suit your LG G Flex phone.

LG G Flex Quick Window

lg g flex quick window caseSimilar to LG G2 Quick Window, LG G flex Quick Window is ideal for answering incoming calls and checking time. It has a cut out which enables you to scan incoming messages and calls in a flash through the front cover. The cover is slim and stylish and with its unique cover design, you can receive a call without having to open the front case. Since it is made from synthetic material of high quality, the cover will keep the screen of your LG G Flex screen looking new always. The cover will give a perfect fit without causing hindrance to the use of any other functions like charging ports, headphones, rear and front cameras as well as volume and power buttons. The case is only available for sale from ebay for $69.99.

LG G Flex Vest Case

lg g flex coverFor the second time, LG has made another unique design case that’s mind blowing. LG G Flex Vest Case is designed to protect all four corners of the LG G Flex device against occasional bumps and/or any scratches. While protecting your device, it leaves the back and most of the sides open, thus protecting your device while enhancing its look at the same time. It is also designed to give a great visual flair with fascinating cut-outs on the edges. It also has a solid part of the central of the back plate to improve durability. Unfortunately, the only available car as for now is Black. The G Flex Vest Cover is not widely available online, and you can only get it from ebay for about $39.99.

Caseformers Duo Armor Kickstand Case for LG G Flex

lg g flex kickstand caseThis case provides your LG G Flex phone with the finest protection. It comes with extra features such as adjustable belt clip and independent kickstand allowing hands free viewing. The case is made with shock absorbing layer, which help your phone to deal with those unpleasant falls. In addition, it has hard exoskeleton layers, which increases stiffness that shields all the internal parts. This hard shell acts as a the prefect barrier against bumps and scratches. If you want a case that offers more grip and style then Caseformers Duo Armor is ideal due to its striking groove design. The case is  available in various colous and is on sale of 64% off on Amazon making it less than $9, so grab yourself a bargain before it’s too late.

LG G Flex Wallet Case

lg g flex wallet case coverSmartphone wallet for G Flex is a one of the most beautiful cases for LG G Flex. It is packaged with an optional wristlet, which allows you to conveniently carry wallet with the optional wrist belt, however, the wrist belt can be easily removed due to the easy latch hook. The Smartphone wallet is made from pure leather and an anti-scratching lining to provide the ultimate protection for your investment. Also, for more reliability and protection the case uses a snap close instead of a magnet. As for the storage, the case has a back pocket specially designed with a zipper for keeping coins and cash while providing multiple pocket slots when you open the flip so you can bring along all necessary IDs, credit cards and some cash as well. The case is only available in Dark Purple with an affordable price tag of just $12.50.

BoxWave Colorsplash Clear TPU Case for LG G Flex

lg g flex clear tpu caseThe Colorsplash clear TPU case with stand for Lg G Flex consists of a flexible edge lining that is combined with a back cover made of hard plastic. Its wave and transparent design makes the case appear stylish and offers outstanding protection in an elegant way. Furthermore, the hard plastic back cover offers added strength protection. It comes with a protective and flexible edge lining which enables you to slip your Smartphone into the case without any hassles. It has a better grip, which is due to the textured side panels. The best feature that comes with the case is the conveniently built-in pop out stand that supports your G Flex phone on a flat surface allowing easy and quick access in beautiful landscape mode. The case is only available in Black for now, and offered for sale on Amazon for $15.

LF TPU Gel Case for LG G Flex

lg g flex tpu gel caseThis sleek and thin gel case offers protection against scratch without increasing bulkiness. It is made from durable polycarbonate plastic of high quality and is lightweight. The case does not limit you to accessing front buttons and slide out keyboard. It permits full access to touch screen. There is a precision cutout for microphone, speakerphone, controls, ports, and camera. This premium Crystal image case is the perfect way to protect your mobile phone. It provides protection from dents, chips, and unnecessary scratch. No skills needed to install it, just snap it on for a new elegant appearance. The case is available in numerous color variations and sold for insanely cheap price of less than $5 on Amazon.

LG G Flex Cover Case

lg g flex cover caseThis was my recommended case for Galaxy Note 4. It offers your LG G Flex phone a fashionable look and protects it from scratches. Best thing with the case is that it allows access to all the functions, making it convenient to use without removing or opening it. This cover case also have same colors and materials just as LG G Flex vest case. What I liked about this case is the hard shell that will insure your curved smartphone won’t be severely impacted with accidental falls and drops. The case is again only available  from Amazon for about $8 including shipping.

LG G Flex Flexible TPU Case

lg g flex flexible tpuAfter investing heavily in your LG G Flex, you will agree that it deserves all the best protection it can get. Fosmon TPU case for LG G Flx  is designed with a precise cut outs and made from high quality thermoplastic polyurethane, which ensures protection of high class and long lasting durability. With this case you will have peace of mind knowing that your device is in safe hands thanks to the quality material used to build it. It assists to guard against smears, dirt, drops, scratches, and bumps. There is no limitation to accessing the ports and enjoying features of your phone with the case on. The case is available in Blue, Black, White and Pink and is on sale of 60% on Amazon.

LG G Flex Flip Leather Case

lg g flex leather flip caseThis magnetic case is made from real leather material together with a soft lining. Internally it has a hard case and folio leather case. One pocket is set apart for storing your credit card. It comes with a horizontal stand, which allows easy viewing convenient for watching videos or reading long emails. The quality material used will insure keeping your device safe from scratches and dents. The case is available in Black, Red, White, Pink and  blue. The price tag is to just under $20 from Ebay.

LG G Flex TPU Rubber Gel Case (Verizon)

lg g flex rubber caseNot only does TPU Rubber Gel Case offer your Smartphone protection but it also gives it a distinctive look. Your phone will get the protection it needs from scratches and bumps. The case is simple to put it on as well as to take it off. The glossy finish sets apart your LG G Flex phone from the others. Additionally, the case provides convenient access to all buttons and ports with precise cut outs. You can easily and firmly hold on to your phone, thanks to the textured gripper case. It is constructed with an ultra low profile design that makes the case not interfere with any buttons or the screen of the LG G Flex Phone. Finally, the case is compatible with Verizon Lg G Flex and is available for sale for just $4.89 on eBay

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