Android Jelly Bean Features


Before starting to talk about Android Jelly Bean Features, I would like to first point out that Google has accidentally announced that the next update of Android OS would be called Android Jelly Bean. This has been spotted on Google Play Store when Google listed the new Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ confirming that it would to be the first phone with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This also means that Galaxy Nexus will be the first smartphone to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update.


Android Jelly Bean Features

Android Jelly Bean


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was extraordinary in terms of user experience, stability, and customisation, yet, nothing is perfect and ICS is no exception. That’s why Google won’t stop making new improvement for their beloved OS. Indeed, there are  big expectations form Android users who are waiting for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update., and therefore, I thought I should point out these features. So, here is a list of  the new Android Jelly Bean features.


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Major Bug Fix

As Google used to, with every major update, one of the main priorities is to fix bugs reported by Android users

Super-fast browsing:

One of the most waited Android Jelly Bean features is the super-fast browsing experience. It was first introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich, but you can expect more from the hardworking team in Google labs. Not to forget there is a big chance for Chrome to be the default browser in the next  Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. (p.s. It’s still in Beta now)

Enhancement to user Experience:

 The OS will be running even smoother, no delays or hangs are tolerated especially in Google+ app which was not working as fast as it should be in Ice Cream Sandwich.

Interactive Notification:

Notification bar is more creative, larger and richer than ever before. You can also collapse or expand the notification with a pinch,  and it’s now supports more contents such as photos and configurable priority. For instance, if you have a missed call from a friend, you can actually send an SMS  or even call your friend directly from within the notification bar without having to go to the Contacts app. Also, if you running late from a meeting and wanted to send a quick message to the guests, you can simply do that  from the notification bar on the go.

Revamped  Camera App

All new camera app, with it, you can review photos you’ve already taken, when you swipe left or write, you’ll see the photos flying around. Also, with a simple pinch you can review photos even faster. If you didn’t like the photo, you can swipe it away. If you’ve done that my mistake, you can undo as well. Not to forget the share button where you can share photos on Facebook, Email, Bluetooth, etc.

 Smart Resizable Widget:

When you drop a widget to the home screen, it’ll automatically resize itself based on the available room in the Home Screen. So if you moving a big widget to a cluttered screen, the widget itself and other widget exist in the screen will make a room for the new comer.

Offline Voice Typing

You no longer need data connection when you use Google Search. Google have included US English dictionary database on the device itself, and they’ll me adding more languages very soon.

Google Beam Improvement

With Google Beam, it’s now easier than ever to share contacts, photos and videos. Just tab your device to an NFC enabled device, and Beam will handover from NFC to Bluetooth to accelerate the process of transfer. By leveraging Bluetooth, you can pair your Android Jelly Bean device with compatible speakers, keyboards or headsets by just tabbing on them, isn’t that on of the  coolest Android Jelly Bean features.

Google Now

With Google Now App, you don’t have to worry to orgnise your self what so ever; Google Now will do it for you exactly when you need it to be. If you just gone out, it’ll tell you the weather and traffic information and also prepare an alternative route if needed.  If you are in Train Station (Subway) it’ll tell when the next train is coming!!. If you are in the city, it’ll list all local restaurants and if you are inside a restaurant, it’ll tell you what other people recommended for you; isn’t that cool!

Intelligent and efficient App Update

Whenever there is an update for an app, Google Play will only download the new modification rather than the entire app. This will be sufficient especially if you worry about your data plan usage.

 Efficient Power Consumption:

Battery usage has been significant factor when it comes to choosing which Smartphone to buy, yet, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was not good at all in this point. One of the main Android Jelly Bean features is to provide better power management and more control of how the apps can behave.


* I have personally prepared the videos. The original videos are credited to CNET and Google Video.

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