How To Run iPad on Windows PC

I have previously written articles on how to run Android on Windows using BlueStacks and VMware, however, as many of us are iOS lovers, this article shows you how to emulate iPad on your Windows PC  in few seconds.

iPadian, is an iPad simulator works on Windows XP and 7 that let you have the full-screen iPad experience in your PC with a selected set of Apps that comes pre-installed while having the option of adding few more app from the custom iPadian App Store. Nearly, all major apps are included by default such as Google+, Facebook, Weather app and Safari browser.

iPadian also provides additional options that is not available on iPad such as the Facebook messaging and notification section in the right-hand side of the application, on the other hand, it excluded some other major features due to patent issues.

The overall feedback for such new project is very good, although it lacks some features, yet, the available app are just working fine., and because it s in early stages, it’ll eventually gets better and better.

iPadian in an open source software runs on Windows XP, Vista and Window 7 and can be downloaded from here.

Watch the live Demo to learn more how to install and run this amazing simulator.

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