Send Unlimited Attachement Size with SugarSync

Have you ever wanted to send a large attachment file but your email provider limits the file size to  specific volume? Do you want to save your mail storage and be able to send large files? Well, you better consider start using SugarSync, one of the best online storage solutions.

With SugarSync for Outlook you can send links instead of large attachments, with the ability to send files that reside in a remote computer where you have installed SugarSync in. In other words, you can send files from your computer at Home while at work. Also, you can track the status of your attachments, so you can check how many times your attachment has been downloaded. You can also cut off the access to the files you’ve shared by disabling the link whenever you want.

Click here to download SugarSync for Outlook.

Here’s the product demo for more information on how to use SugarSync for Outlook.

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