iPhone 4S Announcement and iOS 5 Features


The Most-Waited Gadget Ever

This is the moment who all of us were waiting for, the moemnt of announcing the new iPhone 5/4s. Tim Cook the new CEO of Apple is running the show now, and he is the announcer this time.

iOS 5 Key Features

1- iMessaging: new messaging serives betweeniOS users

2- Notification: No annoying pop-ups any mor. Notification bar is at the top now which can be swiped down.

3- PC-Like Activation: You can activate your device without connecting to iTunes. Simply answer some quection and you’re ready to go.

4- Twitter Integration.

5- Safari got Tabbed browsing  in iPad. Also, Reader feature has been added which works like ReaditLater and Instapaper, so you can read stuff whenever your time permit.

6- Game Center: more than 67Millions user have already signed in !!

7- Find My Friend : Let’s you quickly and easily see the locations of those friends who’ve opted to share their location with you.

8- Siri : Get thing done just by asking.

Pictures and specification will be posted here as soon they reveal.

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