Create Mobile App With No Programming


The mobile app market has been growing in a steady pace to an extent that make it very essential for brands, publisher and organisation to build thier own app.

Creating an app for iPhone or Android requires solid knowledge of programming language, however, here’s the good news, you can actually create an app with no coding!!

Conduit Mobile is a free tool that you can use to create, deploy and manage apps for all major mobile phone platforms (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, etc))

With Cnduit you can create  rich-content and fully customized apps without any programming skills. Also, you can publish your apps  in standard marketplaces like the AppStore and Market for Android. Additionally, you can monetize your app throught integrated targeted advertising.

The process of creating an app is fairly simple, just go to Conduit website.

1- Enter a website URL for your product.

2- Add some modules as easy as dragging and dropping them.

3- Define a name for your app

4- hoose your preffered screen layout

5- Upload header and icon images

6- You can also monetize you app with advertisment.


Follow the following series from Conduit presents several  How-to tutorials to get you started.

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